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Jobs is gone. (?)

Jolie O'Dell/VentureBeat
“This week, Apple unveiled a respectable upgrade of its iPhone line. So why do I feel so disappointed? Maybe it's because we expect so much from Apple. This is the company that brought us the first MP3 player that really mattered, the first smartphone to truly take the world by storm, the first successful touch-screen tablet, and the first ultralight notebook that people were really happy to use. And that's all just in the past few years -- reaching back further than that, Apple is responsible for the first all-in-one PC, the first commercially successful graphical user interface, and many more product design, manufacturing, and retail innovations. (…) One of the reasons we were all hoping for an iWatch is that this is exactly the kind of product category Apple excels at doing. As it did with tablets, we all wanted Apple to come in and show us how to build a product that people will really want. No doubt Apple would come up with something more elegant, more svelte, and more desirable than anything that's come before, and suddenly no one would mind spending $200 or $300 on a smart watch any more. But Apple didn't do that. There was no sign of a watch. So those of us in Silicon Valley are left watching, wondering, and feeling a little empty inside. Maybe it will show us something amazing later this fall, as CEO Tim Cook has promised. Maybe not. In the meantime, we're left with these multicolored iPhones, and a growing sense that Apple is turning into a more ordinary tech company every day.
Jobs is gone. It looks like Apple's magic is slowly seeping away now too.”

Muitas leituras se podem fazer a partir de um artigo desta natureza. Tenho a minha apreciação feita e deixo à consideração de quem quer que seja que o leia fazer a sua.
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Mavericks is the best OS ever conceived. Secure, fast and cheaper than its predecessor.



12 hours battery life in (new) macbook air.

Haswell processors are the best ever.

New Tags feature.

New Mac Pro, simply amazing!



do not buy it because it is en vogue and it looks good.

buy it because it is the best damn computer in the world.

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On the more demanding JBench Suite, which measures browser performance based on code from popular Web pages, Safari was more than five times faster than Chrome (16.51 ms vs. 85.04 ms).



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Uma leitura poética-teológica não seria apropriada e quiçá profícua do ponto de vista genitalis?A maçã como símbolo inextinguível da queca primordial?

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