quarta-feira, outubro 10

Noite... Hora de todas as cumplicidades

foto daqui

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Anónimo disse...

o freud diria que aqui o cigarro funciona como elemento fálico unificador. lol é curioso notar que as lesbies são mega fálicas. mistérios por decifrar.

dr winnicott

Anónimo disse...

that sartorialist is so fucking yuppie

and do u know what yuppie is??

yuppie is cheesy.

mega cheesy.

monumentally cheesy-

u know why??

because only vacuous, superficial people are so so so concerned with their appearance. it is an exercise in frivolity. frivolity is = cheesy. frivolity is vulgar.


sartorialist, you may fuck off!! lol

z (just kidding, well, not quite...that is what i think, dear Sir)

Carlos Rodrigues disse...

Labels. Just labels. What for my friend? Life is not confined to a single angle! But is good to have one.
feel free to fool around any time Sir.

Anónimo disse...

Life is not about labels but the Sartorialist IS about labels.

Anónimo disse...

the best label in the world...


Anónimo disse...

would you not agree, dear Sir?????

Carlos Rodrigues disse...

Dear Sir,
What is there to agree?
The Shower kick? The mirror strength? The smelling power? Just fooling around.
The rest is a central issue! At least for me.

Anónimo disse...

the central issue indeed.